Information Technology

General Information

The Information Technology Department is committed to ensuring that city employees have the technology tools, infrastructure, training, and support necessary to provide our residents with the services they rely on. In addition, the Department provides specialty support of our Geographic Information System (GIS) with geospatial solutions and technical support to city staff.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Operating and maintaining city computer network and communications infrastructure
  • Ensuring the security and integrity of the city's network and data
  • Managing desktop computers at all city-managed facilities
  • Providing support for city software and applications
  • Acquiring and developing of new and useful data and GIS layers
  • Creating custom maps
  • Creating aerial photos
  • Handling Information analysis
  • Maintaining high-accuracy geospatial database information

IT specifically provides assistance to city staff for various technology-enabled devices such as printers, scanners, multi-function imaging devices, mobile smart devices, and traditional telephones. Additionally, IT provides expertise and support in technological aspects of internal projects and productivity initiatives.


GIS is used for city-wide infrastructure management, community planning, and public works as well as to support the city’s six utilities. This information is used to enhance the timeliness and accuracy of decision-making which affects the City of Ellensburg and its citizens.