Gateway II Project

Gateway II Stormwater Retrofit Project


The City’s Stormwater Utility received a $5 million grant from the Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology) to design and construct drainage improvements along both sides of Vantage Highway from Vista Road to the City limits. The project will collect and treat stormwater runoff from Vantage Highway in the project area, which will reduce the amount of stormwater pollution that flows into Lyle Creek. This will improve water quality and habitat within Lyle Creek as well as the downstream Wilson Creek and Yakima River. Along with constructing attractively landscaped stormwater treatment swales along the road, the project will also build pedestrian and bicycle pathways to enhance community accessibility.

The Ecology grant covers design, permitting, and construction for the entire 1-mile project. The City has hired a consultant, Aspect Consulting (Aspect), to design the project and oversee construction.

Project Area

Project Area Gateway II

Existing Conditions

Before Image Gateway II

Proposed Concept

Proposed Rendering Gateway II

Conceptual Design

Click on the following link to see an initial concept and layout for the project. 

Gateway II Conceptual Design Drawings

Please note the figures provided are conceptual in nature and are for informational purposes only. Future plans will be provided on this project webpage as design milestones are met.

Project Impacts and Feedback

We know that it will be necessary to modify some driveway entrances within the project area and that residents and businesses will experience some disruptions during construction. We also know that local residents and business owners may be aware of conditions and information that would be helpful to Aspect and the City as the project design progresses. 

Project Schedule

  • Final Design: 2024
  • Construction: 2025-2026

Please continue to visit this page for periodic project updates.

For more information, contact:
Jon Morrow
Stormwater Utility Manager
(509) 925-8619