Mission Statement and Policies

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Mission Statement

The Ellensburg Public Library provides a safe and welcoming place where patrons can develop an appreciation for reading and learning; find information about their community and its opportunities; and investigate or explore a wide range of topics relevant to their work, school and personal lives.


The Ellensburg Public Library informs, educates, entertains, enriches and empowers our community.
We do this by:

  • stimulating young children’s interest in and appreciation of reading
  • encouraging lifelong learning
  • ensuring freedom of access to information
  • providing the space and the opportunity for people and ideas to come together
  • responding to the needs of our diverse community

We are committed to excellence in our service to the community, our assistance to library patrons, and our care of the assets entrusted to us by the City of Ellensburg and its citizens.

Adopted 5/11/2010; revised 5/2011; reviewed 9/2014


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Patron Exclusion Policy
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Unattended Children and Vulnerable Adults