Help In Restoring & Maintaining Downtown Properties

In 2015, the City Council approved several types of Community Grants, including Historic Preservation Grants. The maximum award is $10,000 annually. The grants seek “to foster public initiative and participation in maintaining National, State and Ellensburg historic registers, develop programs to create incentives for historic preservation and aid in providing outreach for education and information programs. The Landmarks and Design Commission reviews all requests for Historic Preservation Grants. Deadline: August 31st each year; review by the LDC in the fall with awards decisions made by the City Council at a regularly scheduled November City Council Meeting. Check this webpage early summer for more information about the availability of grants.

 Types of Eligible Projects

Eligible projects of Historic Preservation Grants include:

Identify properties or districts with potential for listing on the Ellensburg Landmarks Register, conduct surveys of historic properties;

Develop educational pamphlets and information packets;

Support installation of interpretive signs or a phone application (App) with information on historic buildings;

Move endangered register-eligible properties (if threatened with demolition).

 Program Guidelines

Check the application for further details, but historic building owners, non-profit organizations, civic groups, and neighborhood groups would be eligible applicants. Eligible sites would include any non-governmental property in the City Limits of Ellensburg. Eligible expenses include personnel, professional services, supplies and materials, construction costs, lodging and mileage. Matching funds are encouraged but not required for this program. The 2022 Program has closed. Please revisit the website in June 2023.

Special Valuation: A Local Tax Incentive Program

Another important program for local property owners in the downtown historic district is the Special Valuation for Historic Properties (ECC 15.280.110). Qualified historic properties under Section 84.26 of the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) can receive this benefit for rehabilitation per the guidelines. This determination is made by the body created by the Local CLG: the Ellensburg Landmarks and Design Commission (LDC). This body serves as the local review board for all applications under this program.

Special Valuation Application

Special Valuation Information Sheet